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Glass Repair Service

Broken glasses are really a pain in the – well, eyes! Your whole house vibe gets disturbed and the office working environment is hindered by the broken glass windows or any other piece of furniture as a matter of fact. Last thing you want to observe and experience is robbery at your house and if that robbery is caused by the negligence of your poor foresight of leaving a window broken, then this negligence will be very much heavy on your heart and much more heavier on your pocket.

Broken glass? Stay without any fear or worries. How? Well, the answer to this question lies after you take the liberty to trust us and contact us for any glass related issues occurring in your residential or commercial space. We are well aware in this field and have tackled enough cases to provide you with the best possible solution.



Broken glasses have to be repaired, replaced or completely re-installed depending on the severity of damage caused to it. Wooden windows are easier for such circumstances as the frames are easier to replace and manufacture. However, this is not the case in Aluminium windows. They are quite challenging when it comes to replacing the whole glass unit from its frame. If not done in the correct manner, it could lead to total damage of your lovely aluminium window frame.

Our services fall no short of fulfilling challenging tasks and replacing your window glass from an aluminium frame is no such exception. We are equipped with highly trained and experienced workers who can work on your aluminium frame as if it were a violin for a musician. No matter how harsh the circumstances are, they finish their work with your prime satisfaction and transform your broken window into a new one!


Glass repair service at your house becomes our moral responsibility as an acknowledged firm in the industry. Your house should not have a broken window left under our watch! There are multiple disadvantages of keeping broken glass windows at your house. Broken mirrors have always been considered as an unlucky element. They exert negative energy and this might be the reason to support this superstition. Keeping broken mirrors, utensils etc. also leads to mental stress. They also behave as a catalyst for hindrance in your child’s studies, delay work and cause health-related issues.

Hence, repairing broken glass at your house should be a problem of prime concern for you as it is essential for the wellbeing of your entire family. Glass windows are beautiful in appeal but difficult to maintain, especially if you are having mischievous kids in your neighbourhood. Get in touch with us for any queries and concerns related to glass and we will fix it before the day ends.


If you’re concerned whether the firm you hire for solving your glass repair service will arrive before your wife scolds you for keeping a broken window idle – then, it should not bother you when you contact us. Our services include same-day installation as well as replacement and we are quick in responding to the issues of our clients and even quicker in getting it sorted.

Our services are available in express mode as well. Meaning, you can inform us about the urgency of matter to be resolved and we will march with all our men and machinery required to fix the glass that could land you in trouble before anyone else finds out. It does not matter if you’re contacting us from a distant point as we have expanded our horizon across all of Auckland and provide express service around the vicinity


As you are not pleased with the sight of broken windows at your house, we take the responsibility to clear and amend the view which is causing hindrance in your sight. There are a number of possible events and outcomes in glass repair service and we are best to deal with all of them. Our expert workers are trained in such a high manner that it is not possible that a window is left untreated by their hands.

Glass repair service is a multi-stage process. First, you need to diagnose the type of damage that occurred and its probable cause. After the first step, our experts analyse and find out the best possible solution for your problem. After proper analysis of the solution provider, the third step is mainly concerned with the fixing procedure and methods. We use highly precise tools to operate on your broken windows and this makes our workers more accurate in delivering the best quality of service to our customers.


We are not asking you to go on our word of mouth. The excellence and quality of our glass repair service is reflected in the profound testimonials of our clients. We do not brag about how well we are in the industry, you are free to revert us on any issue post repairing of your windows and we will address it with the same level of intensity as we did for the very first time. Our name is established on the grounds that we are not leaving behind a single query unresolved and not a single client is left dissatisfied after our service is delivered to them.

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Our Services

No. 01

Home Glass Repair

When a window glass is smashed or damaged we will ensure a glazier is at your door fast. We know it is hard to live with a bro/ken window.

No. 02

Office Glass Repair

John and Team are experts in fixing your shops and office glass at an affordable price. Call Birkenhead Glass for a quick fix of your window glass.

No. 03

Re Putty

Although putty works are considered the least important in-home builds, it holds its significance. A professional putty work can save you from future glass replacements costs.