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Ever faced issues while fixing your broken glass window or other furniture which has that glassy as well as glossy element in it? Well, there must be some easy way of doing this right? What is your most desired wish in such challenging situations? There should be someone who would do this in a more efficient and fluent way than me, right? This is where your wish comes true in the form of a Glass Specialist. A Glass Specialist is, in a simpler form, a doctor for treating Glass and its related issues. He knows the cause and will diagnose the issue with the needed treatment. Call the Glass doctor aka Glass Specialist for any issues related to glass. Be it a broken glass window repair or Glass door repair, window and door replacements as well as complete reinstallation of glass related furniture, the Glass Specialist can cater to all with his magical touch. Imagine the circumstances where you are completely clueless how and what to do next when a spat between you and your better half results in the bits and pieces withered here and there around of your beloved shiny glass window, and then you’re being reprimanded for not properly fixing it. The dialler of your cellphone should immediately ring to us – The Glass Specialists and we will come to rescue you in such difficult times.


Glass is undeniably a versatile and diverse material. It is capable of enhancing a spectacular view; or it can provide you with the desired amount of privacy. It is empowered with a dynamic and bold statement; or it can be in the most minimalist format to be quietly subtle. Glass can be plain; or it can be fancy. Glass can be minimalist; or it can give you particulate detailing in vintage homes. Ofcourse, there is a lot more to talk about on why there should be glass in the list of your interior decoration planning. Glass has many use cases and it is no exception in providing the most desired look and vibe to your home that we yearn for. Yet, as every coin has its two sides, the fancy and aesthetic look comes with a bold tag – FRAGILE! Yes, if not taken care of properly, your beautiful glass can become a pain in the neck as it will disturb the whole vibe of house once broken and left non repaired. We offer a wide range of services to your glass related issues and this has helped us in all these years to become the most reliable brand and hence adapt the tag name – Glass Specialists! The variety of services offered by us are as follows:
Minimalistic and stylish without risking on safety, glass balustrades are a wonderful choice for anyone who values unobstructed views in their indoor and outdoor spaces. We provide a wide range of options for installation of Glass Balustrades and cater the whole framework as per your requirements.
No bathroom feature can invoke the same feel of luxury as a frameless glass shower bathroom. In contrary to the non-transparent shower boxes of previous era, glass showers takes into work the frameless glass doors and walls to give your bathroom a more spacious and luxorious feel while instilling a healthy dose of minimalist design into your home. Bathroom and shower glass installation process is also carried out in a hassle free manner.
Installing glass windows are our speciality. We have extremely tailored procedure to carry out this task and this allows us to be the master in this segment. Glass window installing is usually carried out in a situation where the damage caused to your window is usually beyond the limitation of repair. We provide multiple options to replace and install your broken glass windows with the newer and better ones.
Mirrors today command an important role in modern home design. They no longer serve merely being a reflective surface for looking at yourself in the mornings getting ready. With a little bit of creativity and some careful insight, a mirror can create the illusion of space,  welcome more light to a room and help you in making the most of your existing decor. Our mirror installation service will leave you startled as to how a mirror can serve multiple purposes rather than just a apperance checker.


Once your beloved window is broken due to any undesired or unfortunate circumstances, then there is no way it will make you feel joyous until you get it fixed. The safety and security concerns for your home will rise faster and faster restricting you from sleeping peacefully. Hence, it is quite an essential point to replace your broken window and get the overall aesthetic appeal of your home back as soon as possible. We are the Glass Specialists – meaning there is no glass broken left untreated in our watch and by our hands. We can replace your broken window by the time you bake cookies for us in return to our journey to our office.


Replacing the whole unit of glass is no easy feat. If you take a giant glass door for example, it is not possible that a glass door can be replaced by just 2 bare hands. The task requires a lot of effort as well as accuracy and precision to get the job rightly executed. We are capable of replacing not just glass windows, but anything glass in particular – that is the reason we’re being called as the Glass Specialists. Your glass furniture, glass door, glass window or internal glass partition, if anything feels unsettling then feel free to contact us and we will get the problem solved in no time.


As you are not pleased with the sight of broken windows at your house, we take the responsibility to clear and amend the view which is causing hindrance in your sight. There are a number of possible events and outcomes in window repairing situations and we are best to deal with all of them. Our expert workers are trained in such a high manner that it is not possible that a window is left untreated by their hands. Repairing windows is a multi stage process. First you need to diagnose the type of damage that occurred and its probable cause. After the first step, our experts analyse and find out the best possible solution for your problem. After proper analysis of the solution to provide, the third step is mainly concerned with the fixing procedure and methods. We use highly precise tools to operate on your broken windows and this makes our workers more accurate in delivering the best quality of service to our customers.


We are not asking you to go on our word of mouth. The excellence and quality of our work is reflected in the profound testimonials of our clients. We do not brag about how well we are in the industry, you are free to revert us on any issue post repairing of your windows and we will address it with the same level of intensity as we did for the very first time. Our name is established on the grounds that we are not leaving behind a single query unresolved and not a single client is left dissatisfied after our service is delivered to them. Contact us today and get a hassle free repair of your broken windows

Our Services

No. 01

Home Glass Repair

When a window glass is smashed or damaged we will ensure a glazier is at your door fast. We know it is hard to live with a bro/ken window.

No. 02

Office Glass Repair

John and Team are experts in fixing your shops and office glass at an affordable price. Call Birkenhead Glass for a quick fix of your window glass.

No. 03

Re Putty

Although putty works are considered the least important in-home builds, it holds its significance. A professional putty work can save you from future glass replacements costs.